JH qualities- All products from A-Z

JH qualities- All products from A-Z

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Quality to the last detail!

Jung-Henkelmann offers suitable trowel types for each and every application field. Under consideration of economic, operational, and geographic particularities, each tool has been adjusted to the specific requirements.

All Henkelmann-tools are original products "Made in Germany”. They are produced with best material in the own factory according to DIN and individually tested - one by one. Only products that meet our high-level quality requirements will be branded with Europe’s top brand in building craft - for which we grant a warranty on manufacturing defects without any time limit.

Bricklayer's trowels are far from being all the same. What matters are the details in their design and handling. As particularly trowels provide many "critical details", trowels made by Jung- Henkelmann offer numerous advantages.

Quality to the last detail is standard at Jung-Henkelmann.

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