Information about tripods

Information about tripods

Worth knowing about tripods [Source 2019]:


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Stability of Tripods

The impact of tripods on the accuracy of measuring results is often underestimated. The degree of accuracy and precision can only be achieved with a combination of high-quality tripods and high-precision instruments.

Wood or Aluminium?

The most precise measuring results can be reached by using a wooden tripod. In com- parison to aluminium tripods, wooden tripods feature a better damping behaviour and are less affected by temperature changes. For heavy-duty wooden tripods, Nedo uses only ash, a particularly hard-wearing wood with excellent material properties. Geodesists prefer the use of wooden tripods because of the superior material properties, whereas aluminium tripods are mostly used on construction sites as they are light in weight and extremely hard-wearing.

Details which matter

  • Brass hinge pins are very robust and can withstand the surrounding load without any problems. Nedo tripods are equipped exclusively with brass hinge pins. Cheaper makes of tripods are usually equipped with dowels made of aluminium die casting or plastic which break under littlest stress.
  • Quick-clamping levers on Nedo tripods are made of a high-tech plastic or aluminium die casting whereby Nedo has selected materials which are extremely hard-wearing and unbreakable. Cheaper makes of tripods are often produced with inferior materials which might look the same, but are of inferior quality and break very easily.
  • The hooks for plumb bobs on all Nedo tripods can be moved sideways to allow work to be carried out with an optical plummet or a laser plummet.

Tightening Screws

The tripods are equipped with a 5/8" threaded retaining screw. The threads on all instru- ments and tripods are standardised.

Tripods with Elevating Head

Tripods with elevating head allow for easy adjustments of heights. Their advantages are clear to see – especially in interior outfitting, for 1-metre-marks or in ceiling construction work. Please select the appropriate tripod for your needs:

Tripods with Elevating Head with Indirect Gear

Where a tripod is equipped with an indirect crank drive, the crank drive affects the height- adjustable toothed column via an integrated induction gear. This allows the desired height to be set with great accuracy. An easy solution, particularly for heavy-duty rotating lasers.

The crank affects the height-adjustable toothed column directly for tripods equipped with a direct crank drive. A low cost solution, suitable for all rotating lasers.

Telescopic Tripods

Telescopic tripods can be used in the same applications as tripods with an elevating head. However, instead of a crank gear, these tripods are equipped with a telescopic column which can be placed manually at the desired height. A low cost alternative for lightweight cross line lasers.

Double Telescope

Many of Nedo's tripods with elevating head feature a double telescopic section to allow a large range of operation, thus doing away with the awkward task of having to screw on a column extension.