Shop for measurement technique

Shop for measurement technique

Surveying equipment GaLa


In this categorie we present not only spirit levels, measuring tapes, automatic levelers or construction lasers but also distance meters and other products you need for marking and measuring at construction sites.


Our subcategories:

Spirit levels


Spirit levels and straightedges with bubble

in light metal, wood or plastic

(for horizontal or vertical alignment)

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Tape measures

Hier finden Sie Maßbänder und Streckenmessgeräte!

Measuring tapes + manual distance meters

Steel or fiberglass measuring tapes,

folding rules, measuring wheels and more ...

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Telescopic and folding rules


Measuring rules:

Telescopic and geometry rules,

folding rules of wood, metal, plastic

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Builder's levels and theodolites

Nivelliergeraete und Theodoliten im

Optical surveying instruments:

Construction site levels, theodolites,

telescopic battens and other accessories

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Surveying accessories


Surveying accessories:

Ranging poles, double pentaprism, field

umbrellas, field frames and more

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Construction lasers and accessories


Construction lasers and accessories:

Rotary or line lasers, sewer lasers for

building construction, civil engineering or...

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Tripods: Telescopic and elevating tripods,

wooden tripods, aluminium tripods,

carbon tripods and more

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Distance meters


Distance meters

Measure quickly and precisely distances

between any two points

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Precision measuring instruments


Precision measuring equipment

Calipers, micrometers, dial gauges,

angles, gauges, feeler gauges and ...

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Batter board scaffolds


Batter boards and Co.

Mason's cord, chalk line, plumb, color

powder, batter board scaffolds and ...

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Marking for construction sites:

Marking spray, forest paint, ground

marker, chalk and accessories ...

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