Telescopic and elevating tripods, wooden tripods, aluminium tripods, carbon tripods and accessories for tripods


Get the Maximum Accuracy out of your Surveying Instrument!

The stability of a tripod has great impact on the precision achieved with a levelling instrument, a construction laser, a total station or a 3D laser scanner. Depending on the type of instrument, tripods have to meet different requirements and specifications. Bearing this in mind, Nedo has developed a unique range of tripods comprising aluminium tripods, elevating tripods, wooden tripods and practical accessories. The latest addition are Carbon Line and Industrial Line elevating tripods which are designed specifically for use with 3D laser scanners.


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Information about tripods


Worth knowing about tripods:

Standard or elevating tripod?

Aluminum or wooden tripod?

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Aluminium tripods


Aluminium tripods:

Short and lightweight aluminium tripods,

medium-duty and heavy-duty alu tripods

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Tripods with elevating head


Aluminium elevating tripods:

Lightweight telescopic and elevating tripods

and medium-duty elevating tripods

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Tripods industrial line


Industrial line and Carbon line

Special tripods for laser scanners or

as a shaft stand, made of aluminum or carbon

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Wooden tripods


Wooden tripods:

Medium-duty and heavy-duty wooden tripods

made of carefully selected, ash and pine wood

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