Generel construction equipment

Generel construction equipment

Our classic division of construction tools


Something for everybody:

You will find under this heading many generel articles of construction tools like water- and air-tubes, wooden sticks, buckets, wheelbarrows, shovels etcetera, ergo construction tools in the proper sense.

Our subcategories:

Shovels, spades, rakes


Shovels, spades, rakes, hand excavators

General handheld tools with stick

in different qualities

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Hammers, hatchets, chisels


Hammers, chisels, axes, hatchets, pry bars

and other special construction tools

for individual applications

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Brooms and brushes


Brooms and brushes

Street brooms, room brooms, hand brushes,

dustpans, paintbrushes, tassels...

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Wooden sticks for handheld tools


Wooden replacement sticks

Broom handles, tool handles, shovel handles...

made of beech wood, ash wood or hickory

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Water- / air- hoses and accessoiries


Water hoses - Air hoses -

Construction hoses - made of PVC or rubber,

matching couplings and accessories

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MÜBA construction equipment and scaffolding


MÜBA construction equipment Shop

scaffold jacks, debris pipes, scaffolds,

stacking paletts, wheelbarrows ...

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Buckets, pots, cans


Construction buckets, mortar buckets,

mortar boxes, petrol cans and accessories

in PVC, steel sheet or galvanized

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Bricklayers and plasterers trowels


The world of trowels:

Bricklayers, stucco and plasterers trowels,

inside and outside corner trowels, and...

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Pliers, scissors, bolt cutters


Pliers, scissors, bolt cutters

The VBW world of pliers and

other useful specialties...

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Lasers and surveying equipment


Construction lasers, surveying, levels,

measuring equipment, leveling instruments,

distancemeters and accessories

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Hand saws and saw blades


Hand saws and replacement blades

Plasterers saws, jig saws, bow saws,,

replacement blades for electrical construction saws

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Construction ropes and hoisting equipment


Ropes, lifting and lashing

Chain slings, lashing belts, construction ropes,

covering nets, accessories and more...

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Drill bits and chisels


System and brand independent

drills, chisels, inserted tools

for electrical and pneumatic machinery

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Painter brushes and other tools


Painting tools -

brushes, tassels, paint rollers,

replacement rolls, accessories and more ...

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Nails, dowels, wire, hardware


Nails, dowels, binding wire,

ironware, steel nails, and more

Fixing equipment and accessories

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Workshop products


Products for the workshop

Lubricants, teflon tape, WD 40,

grinding wheels, hand tools and more ...

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Tools for screed and floor layers


Articles for floor & concrete constructers,

for screed layers and tilers

Levelling bars for floor screed, floor trowels, etc.

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Krause ladders


KRAUSE - Ladders and scaffold systems

hinged multipurpose ladders, step ladders,

jobspecific ladders, accessories ...

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Promotional items


Promotional items

Here you can find special deals

and our current monthly offers!

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