Eye wash solutions

Eye wash solutions

Eye wash solutions DIN EN 15154-4

All eye wash bottles are in accordance with DIN EN 15154-4. The first seconds after an accident, where the eyes are exposed to dangerous substances, are decisive in keeping the injury to a minimum. Non plumbed-in eye wash units (eye wash bottles) are designed and intended to be kept in direct proximity to those people working in potentially dangerous areas. The principal duty of these items of equipment is to provide first aid. Eye wash bottles also enable continual rinsing whilst on the way to get medical treatment.*

The bottles are made of transparent polyethylene and are leak proof. The screwed-on eye funnel, which fits around the eye socket, guarantees safe protective contact for the eyeball. Contaminated water flows out from a separate discharge point. EKASTU eye wash bottles in the MINI series are perfectly suited for carrying in breast and coat pockets.

*Source: DIN EN 15154-4:2009-07


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