General electric products

General electric products

Electric products, extensions and accessoires


Here, we show you a little choice of the most asked electric products.

You will find here cable reels, power cables, extensions, plugs and sockets, combination units and much more.


Our subcategories:

Cable reels


Cable drums

made of plastic and metal for indoor,

outdoor or commercial construction sector

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Power cables & extensions


Power and extension cables:

CEE and Schuko cables in different lengths

and with different cable diameters

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Plugs and sockets


Electric plugs and couplings

Electric connection elements

(Plugs, couplings, inserts, connecting cables...)

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Distributors and adapters


Power distributors and

electrical adapters for indoor,

outdoor or commercial construction sector

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Personal safety


PRCD-S personal protection

Portable Residual Current Device, S=Safety

IP 44 outdoor or commercial construction site

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Other electric equipment


Other electrical accessories

Cable ties, fuses, strain reliefs,

electric pliers and electric screwdrivers

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