Color combination red-black

Color combination red-black

Make a good figure in color too! - Professional protective clothing in shades of red and black

Nowadays, the appearance, the look of the craftsmen is an important visual criterion for your customer.

A neat and evenly fashionably dressed team will give your modern customer the kind of professionalism he expects from you as a technically competent craftsman.


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PREMIUM-working clothing Canvas, 320 g/m²

30.00 *
Premium working clothing, Canvas 320 g/m²
35.00 *
Craftland® classic-working-clothing
27.50 *
Craftland® classic-working-clothing,

4-in-1 function norway.jpg

27.50 *

(Please choice your favorite colour: red check, Please choice your US-Unisex-Size: Size L (54/56))

available in grey-, blue- or red check
15.65 *

In stock
can be shipped within 3-4 days

PREMIUM working clothing with Canvas 320 g/m²

Colour red/black

32.00 *
Product no.: 11125

Our low-cost working safety shoe!

Safety shoe S3 BASIC LINE - practical, efficient and inexpensive.

from 29.50 / pair(s) *

can be shipped within 3-8 days

Product no.: 11160

High quality Wica® shoe series in black nubuck leather

with integrated TPU heel stabilizer - Available sizes 39-50

from 48.50 / pair(s) *
Delivery weight: 1.97 kg

can be shipped within 3-8 days

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