Electric equipment and power tools

Electric equipment and power tools

Power tools brand-shops and generel electric equipment


Here you can find power tools and accessoires from ATIKA, COLLOMIX and others.

In addition, we would like to present you Electric equipment & Co, in other words generel electrical accessoires like cable reels, male-to-female cables, plugs and sockets and many more.


Our Subcategories:

General electric products


Electrical products and accessories

Cable reels, people protection devices,

extension cables, adapters - and...

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Erso-Indulux Shop


Technical lighting, signalling devices,

rubber- and CEE plugs and sockets,

all-ruber distributors and more...

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Endress Shop - Power generators


ENDRESS - Power generators

Electricity producers from 1 - 220 kVA

Professionals - BOS - Consumers

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Lighting, lamps and accessories


Construction site lighting

Halogen lights, LED spotlights,

halogen and normal bulbs, accessories

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ATIKA construction and garden


ATIKA - partner for

construction, hobby and garden

concrete mixers, circular saws and more

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Testing, Measuring and Safety Instruments


Electrical test and measurement equipment

Duspol - Multimeters - Ampere pliers -

Safety testers and accessories

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