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Here you will find a part of the available NORTON-CLIPPER wall saws. The wall chasers and the handheld wall saws you can order directly. For a consultation regarding the "big" wall saws, we ask you for your request.

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Product no.: 65601

The Clipper wall chaser SC180 enables - powered by a 1.8 kW motor - the cutting of up to two 60 mm deep and up to 35 mm wide slots in a single operation.

Price includes 2 diamond cutting discs EURO ZML and a carrying case

799.00 € *
Delivery weight: 13 kg

can be shipped within 2-5 days

Product no.: 65602
High flexibility due to peak values ​​at drive power and depth of cut. Always there to where building materials such as brick, masonry, tile, brick, porous concrete, Yton, brick, concrete, and natural or artificial stones, etc. cuts must be made quickly and easily this can be done with the SC401.
1,099.00 € *
Delivery weight: 12 kg

can be shipped within 4-5 days

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