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Welcome to this site of the RuhrBauShop with an enormous product range of our supplier KIP GmbH.

The KIP Red Label (with the familar red core) boasts a proven track record dating back many years. This range is synonymous with prime quality, high performance, product diversity and relenless innovation. Whatever you need - whether masking tapes, film tapes or cloth tapes - the Kip Red Label will deliver a spot-on solution for your particular application. The Red Label range meets the highest industry standards and enjoys an impeccable reputation across the globe.

Our subcategories:

Fineline tapes Washi-tec®

WASHI-TEC® steht für Qualität.

Fineline-Tapes Washi-tec®

WASHI-TEC® stands for quality.

KIP 373, KIP 3307, KIP 308, KIP 244, KIP 238, KIP 246, KIP 3888...

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Masking tapes


KIP masking crepe tapes

Quality: standard up to profi plus extra

KIP 300 - 301 - 302 - 303 - 304 - 305 - 3800 - 3801 - 3804

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Masker and Mask


KIP Masker and Mask

Covering and masking of large areas

KIP 320 - 321 - 322 - 332 - 333 - 334 - 382 - 383 - 3832 ...

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PVC and PE masking tapes


PVC and PE masking tapes KIP

for a longer-term use

KIP 310 - 315 - 317 - 318 - 319 - 3815 - 3817 - 3818 - 3819

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Special adhesive tapes


KIP special tapes

Individual solutions

(Car painters tape, FineLine tape, outdoor crepe ...)

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Duct tapes and cloth tapes


KIP duct tapes and cloth tapes

Universal aid for long-term use

(Duo-duct tape, gaffer's tape, industrial tape ...)

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Protective films


KIP protective films

Large-area masking solutions

(Glass protective film, KIPGrip, carpet protective film...)

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New-build and maintenance


New-build, repair and maintenance

Specialties of KIP

(Mounting tape, shuttering tape, aluminium tape and more)

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Carpet tapes


KIP carpet tapes

Adhesive tapes for carpet laying

(Skirting tape, exhibition carpet tape and various carpet tapes)

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Packaging tapes


KIP packaging tapes and dispensers

Proper and safe packaging

(KIP Filament tape, standard and professional qualities)

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Sale of individual roles KIP


KIP-tape individually

Sale of individual roles

A selection of the most requested products ...

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