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Asphalt and abrasive materials

Asphalt and abrasive materials


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NORTON_3-Sterne_Logo.jpg Logo_Dia_Asphalt.jpg Pikto_8_schwarz_TJ-FS-Nass-Trocken-L.jpg

Applications: asphalt, asphalt over concrete

Diameter: 300 to 450 mm

Recommended for brittle, abrasive materials.

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NORTON_4-Sterne-Logo_200x45.jpg Logo_Dia_Asphalt.jpg Pikto_8_schwarz_TJ-FS-Nass-Trocken-L.jpg

Application: asphalt, asphalt over concrete and other abrasive materials

Helical segments as undercut protection

Diameter: 300 - 600 mm

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Norton-5-Sterne-Logo_200x45.jpg Logo_Dia_Asphalt.jpg Pikto_schwarz_FS-TS_Nass-Trocken_L.jpg

Application: asphalt, asphalt over concrete, green concrete and abrasive building materials.

Diameter: Ø 300 to 450 mm Segment height: 10 mm

Segmented blade: laser welded, closely, dry or wet cutting.

Excellent diamond blade with laser welded segments for asphalt and abrasive materials. The innovative design, the DUO asphalt is particularly user-friendly and allows a fast and clean cut, along with an exceptionally long service life. Best of all high-speed saws, table saws and floor saws up to 20hp. Includes patented cutting depth indicator and waterways in special elliptical shape.

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NORTON_4-Sterne-Logo_200x45.jpg Logo_Dia_Asphalt.jpg

Application: green concrete, Lignacite and Tarmac top blocks. Pikto_schwarz_FS_Nass-L.jpg

Ideal for fresh concrete or other abrasive materials.

Diameter: 300 to 350 mm

Laser welded segments for wet cutting.

Highest quality for professional claims, long life.

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NORTON_4-Sterne-Logo_200x45.jpg Logo_Dia_Asphalt.jpg Pikto_schwarz_FS_25PS_Nass.jpg

Recommended blades for use on machines with 20 to 65 Hp.

Applications: asphalt, asphalt over concrete, green concrete

Diameter: 450 to 800 mm

High performance blade for deep cutting asphalt fl oors and abrasive pavements. Specifi cally designed for PROFESSIONAL use on fl oor saws with 20 to 65 Hp (wet cutting). Complete wear protection segments (hammer segments) to help prevent under-cutting of the steel centre.

Segmented blade: Soldered, wide toothed, wet cutting.

Highest quality for professional requirements, best cutting speed and long life.

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