Diamond blades

Diamond blades for tile saws

Diamond blades for tile saws

Diamond Discs for tile saws



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Application :: medium hard tiles and ceramic tiles..

Diameter: Ø 180 to 350 mm Segment height: 7 mm

Sintered blade: cutting edge closed, dry or wet cutting.

Value for money continuous rimmed diamond blade for dry or wet cutting.

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Application : porcelain, ceramic, vitrious, marble, terracota, granite, slate, reconstituted stone, floor and wall tiles.

Diameter:  Ø 200 to 300 mm  Segment height: 10 mm

Turbo jet blade: with reinforced flange on steel centre, continuous rim, dry or wet cutting.

Quality cutting of hard ceramic tiles.

from 82.20 € *

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Application : ceramic products and very dense, fine marble and granite slabs, tiles glazed, porcelain tiles, etc.

Diameter:  Ø 150 to 350 mm  Segment height: 9 mm

Sintered blade: cutting edge closed, wet cutting with all types of tile cutting machines.

Very clean cut, ideal for glazed material.

from 44.30 € *

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Application: glass tiles, textured glass tiles, glazed ceramic tiles, glass, mosaic ...

Diameter: Ø 180 to 250 mm

Specially developed diamond blade: closed cutting edge, wet cutting.

The CLIPPER PRO GLASS has been specifically designed for cutting all glass-like products in the wet cutting processes. The closed cutting edge, special diamond bonds and the selection of high quality diamonds, it enables you exact precision cuts.

from 52.50 € *

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Application: Glazed ceramic tiles, granite, marble, slate, tile, porcelain tiles, stove tiles and chamotte.

Diameter: Ø 230 to 250 mm Segment height: 9 mm

Dynamic disk: closed cutting edge, wet cutting.

Excellent diamond blade with closed cutting edge. Special laser incisions allow for an even cleaner cut accuracy.

from 76.00 € *
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