PFT water and air accesories

PFT water and air accesories

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We want to show you here an extract of the complete product range of original PFT air-compressors and supplies.

You can also find water pressure booster pumps, water/air hoses and accessoires in this categorie.

Our subcategories:

Air compressors PFT


PFT air compressors

Handy K2, LK 250, LK402, LK604,

DT 4.8, DT 4.16 and accessories

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PFT water- /air-hoses and accessoires


Water hoses and accessories,

air hoses and accessories,

parts and components

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Pressure booster pumps


PFT water pressure booster pumps,

separate or built-in pumps and accessories,

AV 1000-230V, AV 1000-400V, AV 3000

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