Concrete and hard materials

Concrete and hard materials


Diamond tools for angle grinders, petrol handheld saws & Co

for concrete and reinforced concrete


Here you will find a selection of the most important quality levels.

Diamantwerkzeuge für Beton und Stahlbeton

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Logo_Dia_Beton  Logo_Dia_Silencio  Pikto-EXTREME-5Sterne  Pikto-iHD

PREMIUM SILENT diamond disc

Applications: concrete and reinforced concrete.

Ø: 230 - 400 mm x 20,0/22,2 mm

117.00 *
Delivery weight: 0.75 kg


Logo_Dia_Beton  Pikto-EXTREME-5Sterne  Pikto-iHD

formerly DUO Extreme

Applications: concrete and reinforced concrete

Ø: 115 - 400 mm x 20,0/22,2 mm

43.00 *
Product no.: 65504

Logo_Dia_Beton.jpg  Pikto-PRO-4Sterne   Pikto-Trocken-Nass-Laser 

formerly ZDH DUO

Application: concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete pipes, curbs, etc.

Ø: 230 mm x 25,4 mm Segment height: 10 mm

Suggested retail price: 89.00 €
64.00 *
You save 25.00 €

In stock
can be shipped within 2-5 days

Logo_Dia_4x4Explorer.jpg Pikto-PRO-4Sterne  Pikto-Trocken-Nass-Laser

Universal for concrete, granite, asphalt and even steel (steel up to a thickness of 5 mm).

Ø: 115 mm - 400 mm x  20/22,23 mm

37.20 *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-5 days

Logo_Dia_Beton.jpg  Pikto-CLASSIC-3Sterne   Pikto-Trocken-Nass-Laser 

Application: Concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete pipes, interlocking pavers, paving slabs

Ø: 115 mm - 400 mm x 20/22,2 mm

24.50 *
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