Accessories for mixer

Accessories for mixer


Complementary products and accessories for FLEX® mixers

Here you will find a selection of FLEX® products for mixing systems.


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Two negatively arranged spirals force the material down, preventing the liquid material from splashing. Ideal for mixing liquid to tough material: Paint, emulsions, varnishes, glazes, coatings, paste, bitumen.
9.45 *
Two clockwise helices for kneading and mixing tough to pasty materials. The mixer paddle screws itself down forcing the material upwards. Extremely versatile, can be used for: tile adhesive, grout, filler, finished plaster, adhesive mortar, filler compound, floor screed.
9.72 *
Three clockwise helices screw themselves into the material. This provides fast, intensive mixing of even the heaviest and toughest mixtures, with little effort. Also known as a mortar or tough mixture paddle. Ideal for: mortar, concrete, plaster, screed, plasterboard bonding compound, bitumen coating.
27.45 *

Three anticlockwise helices press down the mix and stop the material from splashing. Ideal for plaster.

51.84 *
Delivery weight: 1.9 kg
Product no.: 72-369055

Three anticlockwise helices press down the mix in the container. Any deposited pigments, solids or fibres are forced upwards and evenly mixed. The mix does not splash. Ideal for liquid and creamy mix: paints, emulsion paints, gypsum plaster, casting compounds, fibrous materials.

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Two discs with counter-running angled blades create a dynamic flow in the mixing container. The blades on the discs force the material being mixed in opposing directions downwards or upwards. Ideal for mixing liquid to tough material: Paint, emulsion, paste, glue, jointing mortar.
9.72 *
Round mixing arms prevent air bubbles from being mixed in. Ideal for all materials where air pockets are to be avoided: filler compounds, fillers, adhesives, sealants.
13.32 *
17.46 *
Product no.: 72561
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Product no.: 72-374091
M 14 threaded mixer paddle adapter. Useable with SDS-plus hammer drill.
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