Diamond blades granite for masonry saws

Diamond blades granite for masonry saws



Diamond discs for masonry saws

For marble, granite, natural stone and more



You will find here a selection of NORTON-CLIPPER diamond discs for masonry saws.

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Product no.: 65214-350-5


Application: For use on granite, natural stone, concrete slabs and blocks.

Ø: 350 mm x 25,4 mm

142.00 *

can be shipped within 2-5 days

Logo_Granit  Pikto-EXTREME-5Sterne  Pikto-Nass-Laser

Application: Specially designed for extremely tough and hard-baked bricks and hard clay paviours.

Ø: 350 mm - 400 mm x 25,4 mm

227.00 *

Logo_Granit  Pikto-PRO-4Sterne  Pikto-Trocken-Nass-Laser 

Application: Granite, natural stone, artificial stone, reinforced concrete.

Ø: 300 mm - 400 mm x 25,4 mm

117.00 *

Logo_Granit  Pikto-PRO-4Sterne  Pikto-Trocken-und-Nass

Applications: Granite, marble, natural stone but also wood and PVC.

Ø: 300 mm - 350 mm x 25,4 mm

223.00 *

Logo_Granit  Pikto-PRO-4Sterne  Pikto-Nass-Laser

Application: granite, hard granite, marble, hard bricks, porphyry, shale and fireclay

Ø: 300 mm - 600 mm x 25,4 mm

157.00 *
Delivery weight: 1.7 kg
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