MÜBA construction equipment and scaffolding

MÜBA construction equipment and scaffolding



The MÜBA- construction equipment and scaffolding - Shop


You can get from us all products of the complete delivery programme of MüBa.

Here, however, we are only presenting some selected articles 

  • scaffold jacks and trestle scaffolds
  • debris pipes and accessoires
  • Aluminium mobile and rolling scaffolds
  • stacking paletts, skips and containers
  • wheelbarrows and trolleys
  • slanted and window probs, formwork equipment

The complete MÜBA product range you find here: to the MÜBA-Homepage Logo_Mueba.gif

More Subcategories:

scaffold jacks

scaffold jacks & trestle scaffolds

debris pipes

debris pipes & accessoires

mobile scaffolds and accessoires

mobile or rolling scaffolds and accessoires

stacking paletts

stacking paletts, skips, container & more

wheelbarrows and trolleys

wheelbarrows and trolleys

Formwork equipment

formwork equipment

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